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Hey there. So glad you stopped by! Chances are you are here because you are hoping to capture some special moments in your life, right? I hear you. And I'm here for you.... Life is too short to let these moments pass by without taking the time to capture them. So, now you've taken the first step. When you are ready for the next step, I'll be ready too....


Man, if that's not a loaded question, am I right?? Well, in short, I'm just a free-spirited girl who loves guacamole, her beautiful daughters Everly and Addison, her pup Leyla, her crazy awesome husband, hanging with friends and family, listening to music, baking endlessly, watching The Office on repeat, laughing A LOT, and taking photos of this beautiful life. I've been doing KBP for 7 years and every year gets better and better. I couldn't love this career more and I know exactly how blessed I am. 
 Every. Single. Day. 

Who's Kristina Britt?


Photos by: Kaela Rodehorst Photography

Kristina is super talented and professional. She shot my stepdaughter's graduation photos and they came out beautifully. Kristina scouted out a great location, came up with fun ideas for shots and guided my kid every step of the way so there was never that awkward, "how should I pose?" moment. I highly recommend Kristina Britt Photography to capture any of your special moments. Love her!  - Blythe J. 

"love her! "

Love Notes

I have loved every photo shoot I've done with Kristina! She is incredibly fun and talented! She has a great way with children of all ages. I highly recommend her for all your photography needs!  - Katy C. 

"incredibly fun.."

I cannot say enough great things about Kristina! She has an undeniable love for what she does and it shows in her work. Her interaction with my children was like nothing I've ever seen before. Anyone can call themselves a photographer, but Kristina has been blessed with a gift and a talent for capturing some of the sweetest moments between siblings and the love a family has for one another. We are looking forward to many more sessions with her! - Leslie L. 

"Undeniable love for what she does.."

Kristina doesn't just capture a picture, she captures personality. Each person/family she photographs is unique in their own way and she knows how to capture those fun, serious, or quirky  moments that make that person or family's true colors show!."

"...she captures personality."

email me for more details and to snag your date!


            Magazine \\ Corporate Ads 
              \\ Head Shots \\ Fashion

      Rates vary but begin at $325/hour
   (Group rates available for head shots)


         Maternity\\ Newborn \\ Children
             Family \\ Seniors \\ Couples
                 Packages begin at $500

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throughout the year but can potentially be
scheduled independently depending on availability}

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~So you may or may not know that KBP has moved to DALLAS! Crazy, I know. It feels like I just got to Baton Rouge. But I'm super excited for this journey. I've heard amazing things about Dallas and I can't wait to explore and find the best spots to shoot! If you have any great ones in mind, let a girl know!! I need all the help I can get!


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