Olivia J. {Senior} – Baton Rouge, Louisiana Photographer

In New Jersey, senior photos weren’t a “thing” …. they weren’t a thing one enjoyed anyway. They sat you in a studio and put smelly capes and gowns and caps on you while you smiled awkwardly at the camera, at the wall, at the ceiling, at your mom in the corner watching you, holding back her laughter.

Here, in Baton Rouge, and in MOST places, senior photos are HUGE THING. Like, outfit changes, location changes, hair and makeup kind of thing. And I’m in love with all of it.

I had the amazing pleasure of shooting Miss Olivia a few weeks ago and it still has me smiling to go back through the photos. We paraded all over downtown BR with her stepmom (my good friend Blythe- hey girl heyy!), her sisters, her mama, and her best friend. To say we painted the town would be completely accurate- both figuratively and literally. Our session ended with Olivia throwing (and getting pelted with) powder paint.

Can’t wait to see what big things this amazing lady will do in life! Olivia, you ROCKED this session and I hope you had as much fun as I did <3

Here are my favorites from the day! PS, get ready for some killer eyes! She’s such a stunner <3VH9A5123 2016-03-31_0001 2016-03-31_0003 2016-03-31_0004 2016-03-31_0005 2016-03-31_0006 2016-03-31_0007 2016-03-31_0008 2016-03-31_0009 2016-03-31_0010 2016-03-31_0011 2016-03-31_0012 2016-03-31_0013 2016-03-31_0014 2016-03-31_0015 2016-03-31_0016 2016-03-31_0017 2016-03-31_0018 2016-03-31_0019 2016-03-31_0020 2016-03-31_0021 2016-03-31_0022 2016-03-31_0023 2016-03-31_0024 2016-03-31_0025 2016-03-31_0026 2016-03-31_0027 2016-03-31_0028 2016-03-31_0029 2016-03-31_0030 2016-03-31_0031 2016-03-31_0033 2016-03-31_00322016-03-31_0034 2016-03-31_0035 2016-03-31_0036 2016-03-31_0037 2016-03-31_0038 Ok get ready for the paint show! The first few times, Olivia threw it up herself. It was hilarious to watch her reactions and how freaked out she was to see where it would go…2016-03-31_0039 2016-03-31_0040 2016-03-31_0041 2016-03-31_0042 Ok, so nowwwww, here is how NOT to throw powder paint at someone. UP, not AT is the key. Hahahahha2016-03-31_0043 And it happened again…. we’ll blame the wind 😉2016-03-31_0044 2016-03-31_0045 2016-03-31_0046 This last shot is one of my favorites because Olivia’s whole family was around her holding paint. They all chucked it at the same time and the joy that followed was infectious. 2016-03-31_0047

Good luck Olivia!! You will do amazing things! <3 Paint the world with all your color <3


  1. Blythe

    March 31st, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    OMG I love this so much. I really enjoyed watching you work – you’re such a rock star! Wish you were around when I was taking my senior photos!!! <3 you!

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