Liam is SIX months old!! {Family} – Baton Rouge, LA Photographer

Well hellllllo there. It’s been um… FOREVER since I’ve blogged. So I’m back! And about to throw a bunch of sessions at ya…

First up.. Mr. Liam Easton! He’s my little dude and I can’t tell you enough how much I love this little nugget. His mama is one of my very best friends and having her next to me through this past year and a half has been such a blessing (LOVE YOU BOO!)

When she had Liam, I fell in love instantly and my heart grows ten sizes every time I get to see him. I was so excited when we shot a little surprise session for his daddy (check it out!) and when Kaela asked about doing 6 months photos, I was ALL ABOUT IT.

Here are my very favorite shots from our amazing morning together…..

2016-05-17_0002 2016-05-17_0003 2016-05-17_0004 2016-05-17_0005 2016-05-17_0006 2016-05-17_0007 2016-05-17_0008 2016-05-17_0009 2016-05-17_0010 2016-05-17_0011 2016-05-17_0012 2016-05-17_0013 2016-05-17_0014 2016-05-17_0015 2016-05-17_0016 2016-05-17_0017 2016-05-17_0018 2016-05-17_0019 2016-05-17_0020 2016-05-17_0021 2016-05-17_0022 2016-05-17_0023 2016-05-17_0024 2016-05-17_0025 2016-05-17_0026 2016-05-17_0027 2016-05-17_0028 2016-05-17_0029 2016-05-17_0030 2016-05-17_0031 2016-05-17_0032 2016-05-17_0033 2016-05-17_0034

“Oh the places you’ll go…….” <3 <3 Can’t wait to watch you go, Mr. Liam Easton Williams <3

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