Ellie Marie is 9 Months Old! {Family} – Baton Rouge Family + Lifestyle Photographer

It seems like yesterday we were in Jackson, MS shooting lil Ellie Marie’s newborn photos… I couldn’t believe that 9 months had come so. dang. quickly.

It’s so true when they say time flies when you’re having fun because I’m pretty sure Emily and Michael are wondering where the time has gone. This precious lil ladybug is the light of their lives and watching them all together is so so sweet!!

The Blain’s came to town last month for us to capture Ellie’s 9 month photos and I couldn’t wait to see how much she’d grown! We headed downtown to Arsenal Park (my very favorite spot in BR) and though it was HOT — because well..it’s Baton Rouge in May — we had so much fun! Ok, so I think the adults had way more fun trying to get Miss Ellie to smile. She was so serious and I sorta wish I had someone recording the behind-the-scenes and all of us singing, dancing, making weird sounds and voices just to try and coax a smile out of her. It was the stuff of Youtube dreams.

We managed to get a few and OH MAH GAH when we did, they were heart melting. I mean, like puddles on the ground. Just wait until you see….

Here are my favorite shots from the day! <32016-06-17_0029 2016-06-17_0030 2016-06-17_0031 2016-06-17_0032 2016-06-17_0033 2016-06-17_0034 2016-06-17_0035 2016-06-17_0036 2016-06-17_0037 2016-06-17_0038 2016-06-17_0039 2016-06-17_0040 Sooooo quick side note- the following photos were shot in the ampitheater where a scene in Pitch Perfect was shot. I (not ashamed at all) am the BIGGEST Pitch Perfect fan so I was fan-girling. HARD. 2016-06-17_0041 2016-06-17_0042 2016-06-17_0046 2016-06-17_0047 2016-06-17_0048 2016-06-17_0049 2016-06-17_0050 2016-06-17_0051 2016-06-17_0052 2016-06-17_0053 2016-06-17_0054 2016-06-17_0055 2016-06-17_0056 2016-06-17_0057 2016-06-17_0058 2016-06-17_0059 Emily’s sissy came along for some photos with her favorite little lady <32016-06-17_0060 2016-06-17_00612016-06-17_00432016-06-17_00442016-06-17_0045Future LSU Alum?? I think she’d look pretty darn cute walkin’ this campus, don’t you?


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