Team Lanoix {Family} – Baton Rouge Family and Lifestyle Photographer

Ok, just prepare yourself for cuteness overload.


This family, y’all. I was so excited when Leslie and I chatted about doing a family session. I hadn’t met her kiddos or hubby yet but she was pretty darn amazing so I knew that I was in for an awesome shoot…

We had such a great time at the Hilltop Arboretum in Baton Rouge (can we say GORGEOUS????). Little man Brooks led the way and chose our photo spots (well, most of them. Riley got to choose a few too!). We had a blast exploring, laughing, and being in the moment- isn’t that what matters? Especially now, with all the sadness in this world. Finding the HAPPY in every day is what matters. And my job lets me do that… and I couldn’t be more grateful. <3 <3

Ok, so are you ready for that overload I warned you about????   Enjoy all the cuteness I captured on this super fun family shoot! <3

2016-06-17_0001 2016-06-17_0002 2016-06-17_0003 2016-06-17_0004 2016-06-17_0005 2016-06-17_0006 2016-06-17_0007 2016-06-17_0008 2016-06-17_0009 2016-06-17_0010 2016-06-17_0011 2016-06-17_0012 2016-06-17_0013 2016-06-17_0014 2016-06-17_0015 2016-06-17_0016 2016-06-17_0017 2016-06-17_0018 2016-06-17_0019 2016-06-17_0020 2016-06-17_0021 2016-06-17_0022 2016-06-17_0023 2016-06-17_0024 2016-06-17_0025 2016-05-16_00022016-06-17_0026 2016-06-17_0027 2016-06-17_0028K….take a minute to mop yourself up off the floor. <3


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