Celebrating Amazing Baton Rouge Women with Hey, Penelope!

Photography is not only my passion but it’s something that allows me to be part of things that are bigger than myself. Moments that matter so much more and last so much longer than the split second it takes to press my shutter.

My girl Desiree, owner of Hey, Penelope (a super cute boutique in Baton Rouge- she not only has the newest trends but she designs her own line of locally inspired graphic tees and tanks!) decided a few months ago that she wanted to recognize some of the amazing women that reside here in BR. She has a lot of friends who are doing some amazing things here and found lots of other kick-ass gals to add to the roster as well.

I was so pumped when she asked me to part of this project. I’m all about empowering people and helping to capture their awesomeness. And y’all, these girls have A LOT OF AWESOMENESS.

I decided to post a little round-up of some of my favorite images from the first 5 Women of the Month sessions we’ve done… the next set of shoots are in the works so I can’t wait to see what amazing ladies she’s found!

First up……. Carley Mccord!


Carley is a radio DJ on our local Tiger radio station 100.7  AND is a reporter for ESPN. She is beautiful (inside and out), smart, and super knowledgeable about sports which makes her even sexier, huh?? Some of the cool stuff we learned about Carley: She was a nationally ranked power lifter by age 14, she loves being able to talk men under the table about sports, she’s a singer and has actually sung the National Anthem at an NBA finals game, and she’s a HUGE margarita lover.


Our next amazing chick is Shannon F!


This stunner is the art director over at Lamar Advertising and is one of the sassiest and sweetest girls I’ve met! Her bubbly personality was so infectious during our shoot- I’m pretty sure we laughed the whole time. Ok, I’m REALLY sure we did. Like, the whole time. Some things we learned about Shannon: She loves her job, is a huge supporter of “girl bosses” and encourages women everywhere to go out and SLAY, she enjoys hiking and traveling, can’t miss a good crawfish boil or a much needed nap, and she’s a whiskey drinker!


Our next lady is one of my very own besties! Kaela W-  girl boss extraordinaire. 2016-08-12_0003

Is there anything this lady can’t do? Probably not. While she’s not being the best mama to baby Liam, who made an appearance in our shoot, she’s running her own photography business, Kaela Rodehorst Photography. She also helps her hubby with his landscape business a few days a week as well. They are a seriously BOSS family. In every sense of the word. Some things we learned about Kaela: favorite part of her job is capturing raw moments and letting her clients relive them every time they look at their photos, passionate about being the best wife and mama she can be, got her first camera at age 3 and never put it down, her background is in graphic design but she taught herself photography, loves spending time in her workout wear pushing Liam around Target, and absolutely loves Louisiana!


Who’s next?? Let’s check out Miss Brittany!


Ohhhh sassy isn’t enough to cover this lady! I ADORED spending time with her! She was up for anything and oh lawd is she GORGEOUS. Oh by the way, she’s the current reigning Mrs. Louisiana United States. So…yea. What else did we learn about her?? She is a community association manager for several HOA’s throughout Baton Rouge, loves the pageant life, favorite things about LA are LSU tigers, the Saints, Mardi Gras, and the food and culture, enjoys running the LSU lakes, and wants to continue to empower women!


The last lady we will check out today is the gorgeous fashion blogger, Hayley Taylor!! 2016-08-12_0006

Hayley is the face behind a super popular life and style blog/Instagram page, Styled and Taylored. Her gorgeous red hair had me girl crushin’ hard! She’s super sweet and a little quiet at first…but we got her giggling and sassin’ it up in no time! Here’s a few facts about Hayley: her blog started as a hobby but has blossomed into a small business, she loves to travel- especially to NYC where she got married…in CENTRAL PARK! SWOOON… Ok back on track: She loves crawfish boils, is a huge beignet enthusiast, is shy and doesn’t often love speaking in front of crowds, her hub was the inspiration and support behind starting her blog, and loves to get pampered by getting mani/pedis!


Ok y’all! Stay tuned for the next set of ladies who bring the word GIRL BOSS to life! Hope you enjoyed learning about Hey, Penelope’s feature Woman of the Month!! <3 <3


PS, all the clothes in the photos were from Hey, Penelope (obvi)… Some are still available!! Desiree designs a few each month/season so check out her Etsy page linked above and follow her on Insta/FB to keep up with all her new styles and designs!!

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