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The Great Flood of 2016.

It was a b*tch. Like a REAL BIG B*TCH.

We never imagined what it would do, what it would take, who it would hurt. But it did more damage than Katrina, took people’s homes and businesses, and hurt pretty much everyone in it’s path. We are all still recovering, rebuilding, and resetting our lives. My family and I were really lucky and managed to stay high and dry. But watching others around us suffer and lose so much was more than I could bear.

When I spoke with my friend Ericka (the marketing manager at the amazing Red Stick Mom’s Blog) and she told me about her sister’s traumatic birth experience, I was completely heartbroken. Though her sister was able to bring a BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY baby boy into this world, the experience rocked her. Ericka shared her story with me and I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do than offer to shoot the baby’s newborn photos once they were all home and resting.

Brittany, her husband Reese, and baby Ezra were all spending time at Ericka’s home for a bit after the baby was born. So I headed over there to snap some photos and give the Peralta family some beautiful memories of a beautiful baby that they brought into this world. My only hope was that the photographs could override the fear, sadness, and overwhelming stress of the birth experience. And I was thrilled to find out that Brittany and Reese simply adored the photos and felt like they finally had something “happy” to hold on to….along with baby E.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from the day <3

2016-09-09_0001 2016-09-09_0002 2016-09-09_0003 2016-09-09_0004 2016-09-09_0005 2016-09-09_0006 2016-09-09_0007 2016-09-09_0008 2016-09-09_0009 2016-09-09_0010

Oh how I love little baby feet!!! <32016-09-09_0011

2016-09-09_0012 2016-09-09_0013 2016-09-09_0014 2016-09-09_0015 2016-09-09_0016Welcome to the World, little one.

  1. Natalia

    September 9th, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    You have the biggest heart and ir shows through your pictures…the se Are beautiful! Keep on keepin’ on Kristina, the world is a better place bc you’re in it!

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