Fall Mini Sessions- Part 1!! University Club Plantation, Baton Rouge, LA

Every year, mini sessions were a given.

Clients waited until the announcement and booked em up within a day or two. I mean, who wouldn’t love a quick photo shoot for half the price of a regular session just in time for holiday cards??

When I moved to LA, I was a newbie and when I’d post about mini sessions, there would be CRICKETS. Maybe a bite here or there. It’s taken about 2 years of hard work, pushing myself, and putting myself out there to say that 2016 mini sessions were OFF THE HOOK! (…wait, do people still say that??)

So beyond grateful for how many beautiful families signed up, came out, and rocked their sessions. This year, I had THREE dates. Originally, it was one. Then as interest grew, I added a few more (and literally cried out of happiness). I can’t even tell you how amazing it feels to watch your business grow and to get to meet new families that become friends.


Here are some of my faves from the UClub minis in October!

Meet the Richmond Family!!

 2016-12-06_0007 2016-12-06_0008 2016-12-06_0010 2016-12-06_0011

Now time for Erin and Sebastian!

2016-12-06_0003 2016-12-06_0004 2016-12-06_0005 2016-12-06_0006

Ready for The Bergeron crew??

2016-12-06_0013 2016-12-06_0014 2016-12-06_0015 2016-12-06_0016

Ooooh this Lanoix family melts me! Get ready…..

2016-12-06_0018 2016-12-06_0020 2016-12-06_0021 2016-12-06_0023

Next up- Michelle + David! <3 <3

2016-12-06_0024 2016-12-06_0026 2016-12-06_0027 2016-12-06_0028

Ready to meet the Bolton family??

2016-12-06_0030 2016-12-06_0031 2016-12-06_0032 2016-12-06_0033

Next, the Breaux family!

2016-12-06_0034 2016-12-06_0035 2016-12-06_0037 2016-12-06_0038

And last but not least for the day- The Goar fam!!

2016-12-06_0039 2016-12-06_0040 2016-12-06_0041 2016-12-06_0043

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