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Y’all. Mini sessions at a horse farm were a dream come true. Live Oak Arabian Stables in Baton Rouge were the perfect backdrop for fall mini sessions and… well… life. Because… horses. Enjoy some of my faves from each session! First up, the Waguespack crew! Sweet boy was not feeling well that day but man, […]

Every year, mini sessions were a given. Clients waited until the announcement and booked em up within a day or two. I mean, who wouldn’t love a quick photo shoot for half the price of a regular session just in time for holiday cards?? When I moved to LA, I was a newbie and when […]

If I had a penny for every time someone asked what they should wear at their session, I’d have ….lots of pennies. But I’d be a reealllly happy penny owner because it meant that people wanted my opinion….that they wanted to know what the photographer thought would be best and would look the best in […]

The Great Flood of 2016. It was a b*tch. Like a REAL BIG B*TCH. We never imagined what it would do, what it would take, who it would hurt. But it did more damage than Katrina, took people’s homes and businesses, and hurt pretty much everyone in it’s path. We are all still recovering, rebuilding, […]

Photography is not only my passion but it’s something that allows me to be part of things that are bigger than myself. Moments that matter so much more and last so much longer than the split second it takes to press my shutter. My girl Desiree, owner of Hey, Penelope (a super cute boutique in […]

I know I say “I melted” a lot. Like a lot. But when something’s true, it’s true y’all. So I’ll say it again. This session made me MELT. These two were so dang sweet that it made me long for the day when I have a son of my own so we could be this […]

It seems like yesterday we were in Jackson, MS shooting lil Ellie Marie’s newborn photos… I couldn’t believe that 9 months had come so. dang. quickly. It’s so true when they say time flies when you’re having fun because I’m pretty sure Emily and Michael are wondering where the time has gone. This precious lil […]

Ok, just prepare yourself for cuteness overload. OVERLOAD. This family, y’all. I was so excited when Leslie and I chatted about doing a family session. I hadn’t met her kiddos or hubby yet but she was pretty darn amazing so I knew that I was in for an awesome shoot… We had such a great […]

Well hellllllo there. It’s been um… FOREVER since I’ve blogged. So I’m back! And about to throw a bunch of sessions at ya… First up.. Mr. Liam Easton! He’s my little dude and I can’t tell you enough how much I love this little nugget. His mama is one of my very best friends and […]

In New Jersey, senior photos weren’t a “thing” …. they weren’t a thing one enjoyed anyway. They sat you in a studio and put smelly capes and gowns and caps on you while you smiled awkwardly at the camera, at the wall, at the ceiling, at your mom in the corner watching you, holding back […]